Pre-Purchase Exams

Health Certificate

A health certificate is usually required before transporting a horse between state lines.   An original health certificate and most recent Coggin’s test results must accompany your horse during transportation.  A health certificate requires both a physical exam and proof of a negative Coggin’s test for equine infectious anemia (EIA).  If your horse has not had a Coggin’s test within the past 6 months(depending on the state), blood will be collected to run a new Coggin’s test.  Please allow 5 days for tests to be run and paperwork to be gathered.  Stat Coggin’s can be run at additional expense.

Insurance Exams

There are three types of equine insurance: mortality, major medical, and loss of use.   An exam by a licensed veterinarian is usually required before coverage is granted.  Depending on the type of coverage you are seeking, an insurance exam will be performed to assess your horses overall health and soundness.

Lameness Exams

A lameness exam is performed to determine the cause of lameness in a horse.  Sometimes the examination is simple and the cause of lameness is readily identified.  Often lameness has multiple, undefined causes.  A physical exam, as well as the horse’s history, use, training conditions and equipment are combined with advanced diagnostic techniques to determine the cause of lameness.

Pre-Purchase Exams

A pre-purchase exam is a medical examination of a horse you intend to buy.  The data we accumulate can help you decide whether or not to buy this horse for your intended purpose.  A pre-purchase examination is not a soundness examination, as no horse is perfectly sound.  No warranty is implied or given.  By doing the examination and the other supplemental tests you request, we can help to reduce your risk but we cannot eliminate your risk in purchasing the horse.  There are a variety of tests and particular examinations that can be used on a specific horse.  We will be happy to discuss these tests and their applications with you. 

Note that we do not “pass” or “fail” any horse we examine.  You will make the ultimate decision to purchase or not purchase the horse.

International Health Certificates

International health certificates are usually more complex and time consuming to acquire.  Regulations and requirements may also be specific to the final destination of the horse(s) you are shipping.  The doctors and staff of EVS can help facilitate all examinations, tests and necessary regulatory requirements for completing an international health certificate.  Please call our office regarding questions on international health certificates and shipping.


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