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Why Horse Owners Choose Equine Veterinary Services:

• Commitment to Customer Service

• Exceptional Veterinary Medical Care

• Availability at Horse Shows

• 24-Hour Emergency Service
Welcome to our site

Equine Veterinary Services is an ambulatory practice located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality veterinary medical care for the equine athlete, performance, and pleasure horse.

We offer state-of-the-art services to our clients here in Arizona and many horse shows and equine sporting events throughout the U.S. and Canada. With our commitment to customer service and 24 hour Emergency availability we are sure to be a great choice for you and your horse!

Upcoming Events

October 17 - 25
US Nationals

November 1 - 9
American Cup Championship

December 4 - 7
Saguaro Classic

February 12-22, 2015
Scottsdale Show


Horse Tips
If your horse eats his grain too fast, try putting some large, smooth rocks in his grain dish. He will have to push them around to get the grain, & that will slow him down.
When feeding horses carrots, cut them lengthwise to prevent choking.
If your horse is picky about his hay, drizzle honey or molasses over it, then feed it on the ground.
If you have dusty hay, and it bothers your horse, soak a some of it in a tub of water for 10-15 minutes.
If your horse spits grain out or dribbles his food a lot, you should check his teeth to see if they need to be floated.
Add a cup of mineral oil to your horses feed once a week to increase the shine in the coat.
To make your horse's stockings bright white, rub some cornstarch into them after they have been washed and dryed.
Before you apply hoof polish, use a brush or sandpaper to gently remove dirt and stains from the hoof.
Use polo wraps or shipping boots to keep your horse's legs clean before the show.
If your horse is rubbing its tail, try cleaning their udder or sheath, as horses will rub their tails to try to 'itch' that area.
Don't let your horse's tail grow too long-- down the the fetlocks or below-- or they may step on it and tear hunks out.
If your horse's mane or tail is tangled, try spraying some WD-40 on it. It helps loosen tangles, and it makes the hair shiny and soft.
Baby oil on a horse's muzzle makes it look clean and soft.
Neatsfoot oil is good for cleaning leather tack, but be careful because it can stain some leather. Try it out on a small area first.
You can add a little nail polish to your clear hoof polish, and it will give hooves an extra sparkle! Silvery and metallic polishes work best -- they make the hooves look like silver or gold!
Spray fly spray first because it brings up dirt so your horse will be clean until the spray
Always lean forward under branches on trail rides... never lean back!
Stay 45 degrees from the shoulder when you meet a new horse for the first time. In this postion, you have less chance of getting struck or kicked.
Give your horse a "break day" once a while - a horse that only does work can become disrespectful and unhappy.
Never let your guard down! Don't turn your back on a horse.
When you are trail riding, don't go alone; always ride with someone else!
Don't tie your horse by his reins-- he can pull back and injure his head, neck, or mouth (as well as the bridle).
Be careful where you tie your horse-- I have seen horses tied to old fences pull back & break part of the fence off, then go running wildly as they drag it. Always tie to something that is safe and secure. Always tie a slip knot.
Don't let horses push or rub on you -- if they get used to pushing you around, you could get hurt.